You’re Afraid of Failing? Learn to Cook.

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Failing sucks.

Being crippled by failure is worse.

When you’re crippled, you remain idle. You don’t move. You don’t progress. You remain in the same state of being day in and day out.

It’s hard to escape such a mental prison.

We’re told what to do, what to think and what to feel.

We’re pressured by our loved ones to live a certain way. To get a certain job. To marry a certain caliber of person.

We feel we have no avenue to escape this grind.

A great way to practice the fear of failure with little lasting implication on your life is learning how to cook.

As a metaphor to life, cooking in its purest play form doesn’t have proper instructions. Of course there are models and classic dishes to emulate; when you are heating things, pulverizing ingredients, and rearranging the molecules of plant and animal tissue in an impromptu fashion, you are at play.

When you cook things for the first time, you are probably going to fuck something up.

Who cares?

Make sure you don’t make that same mistake next time.

When you are cooking, you are able to adopt effective trail and error procedure in a little to no consequence arena. When you fuck up, you will have to try again.

This idea can pour over to life decisions. When you try something out for the first time, you very well could fuck everything up.

How many times did you fall when learning to ride your bike? Over time, you realized the mechanics that weren’t working. you fixed them.

As we get older, we feel the implications of our decision making will have drastic effects on our life. Of course there are some. Choosing who you marry will have a drastic effect on your life. Most things in life, however, we can fail at and try it again later.

You got dumped by your boyfriend? you might have just overcooked the relationship it.

You got fired from your job? You easily could have used the wrong seasoning in blending with the cultural fit of the organization.

The important thing is to try and different temperature. Try a different marinade. Get back out there, light up the stove and start searing the fuck out of some life.


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