This one habit has the profound ability to help you build a bigger financial income, expand your knowledge base and excel at your creative endeavors.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” -Michael Jordan

I love the idea of self growth- as I’m sure many people do.

I meet so many new people everyday that are engaging in general “badass-ery” and crushing all of the goals they set out in front of them.

For years I have been puzzled by the many different habits of people and how they have changed their lives. These people proclaim a multitude of different hacks and techniques to get your mind and body into a prime state. The people talk about:

Of course while these “habits” can definitely help you on your quest, they aren’t going to radicalize your work output and effectiveness in creating lasting change.

No… there is something more basic and foundational that one can apply in order to transform their world when they work.

When I was a kid- and even to this day- my father would preach his philosophy on work and what it meant to truly conquer the day. I never understood the gravity of what he was saying until I got older and started to really work on my own entrepreneurial and creative endeavors.

It’s so damn simple too.

My father would always preach,

This habit has had a resounding change on the way I approach work.

It’s similar in a way to what coaches or trainers might preach with excelling in sports- “when you think you are done, you’ve only expelled 40% of your energy reserves.”

You should always have in the back of your head to work 15 more minutes before you put to rest the project you are working on.


1. It pushes you beyond comfort.

We live in a world today where many of the things we want in life come easy.

We can have an article of clothing or perhaps an electronic device with the click of a button and the patience of two days time. We can be exposed to hundreds if not thousands of potential mates through the ease of an app.

We can even lose a few pounds with the help of a pill (not advisable in the slightest). In order to build something or write something or sell something, however, you need to grind.

You need to put in the time others won’t. You will scratch your head or perhaps bang it against the wall. This is the uncomfortable. This is the uncertainty. Training yourself to move beyond it is paramount.

2. It teaches you patience.

I am a writer and entrepreneur.

I have written hundreds of articles, one book and created an online business through it.

It took me well over a year to even get my first 100 views of my content.

After that, several more months before I started to build a customer base. It took even more time after that to make my first dollar. By keeping my head down and putting in the extra time everyday, I build grit and resilience. I understood that I needed to play the back nine of the course.

3. It gives you that extra look at your work.

That feeling of fatigue always sinks in when working on a project.

You look at it from many angles, you write many drafts and you run into hurdles along the way.

There’s almost always that moment when you slouch back in your chair and think to yourself “enough.”

If you remember to put in an extra 15 minutes of work after that grumble, you open your mind to a new possibility. What do you have to lose at this point? You’re putting in an extra 15 minutes, attempt the problem from a different angle.

4. It puts your incrementally farther ahead than the competition.

Our world today is filled with hundreds if not thousands of people that are looking to do the same thing you are doing.

That app you’ve been working on that will help cure cancer (sorry, not a programmer, needed a cheap example), well someone else is working on that app too.

Who wants it more?

If you haven’t noticed already, this “habit” is the habit of building a mindset of becoming a ruthless worker and force in your field. You want it more than anyone.

5. It builds mental strength.

It’s so easy to complain today. “I didn’t get this because…” “She doesn’t deserve [blank], I deserve it.” I know you’ve heard that or something similar.

Again, when you make a habit of putting in the extra 15 minutes, you tend to see this type of cheap talk magnified around you and it becomes disgusting.

You resent the weak minded.

You never want to be like that again. You know the hard work you’ve put in and what it took. When things got hard and you wanted to give up, you put in that extra time and overcame the pain.

All in all, if you’re building something great, it’s going to take time and it’s going to be hard.

If it wasn’t hard, everyone would be doing it.

I’m a firm believer that the saying, “you can be anything you want in life” is a stone-cold fallacy.

I think that statement is incomplete. I think if the statement were accurate, it would read, “You can be anything you want in life, however, most people won’t. Most will find it too hard. They will give up and leave so much unfulfilled potential to lay dormant.”

The few people that know what it takes and answer the call will be met with the treasures of the hard work.

Are you one of those people?

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