These 3 incredibly stupid-simple habits will help boost your confidence, expand your consciousness and streamline your productivity.

And they involve a nice shiny machete…

Use a machete.

Do you know what a cartographer is?

A lot of people don’t.

A cartographer is a map-maker, for lack of a better phrase.

Too many people are stuck playing the cartographer role when they should be playing the adventurer role.

The cartographer in a modern sense is the planner:

They are busy putting all the pieces together so they can then set sail and voyage.

They are looking to draw up a map so they know exactly where to go.

They are plotting the course that offers little to no room for error.

The adventurer in the modern sense is the action-taker:

They take the first step even if someone hasn’t taken one before them.

They aren’t afraid of failure, making mistakes and the need to try again.

They thrive on the unknown and the possibility for new discoveries.

The action-taker isn’t drawing up maps; she is on foot slashing away, with her machete, the dense jungle that lay in front of her. Sure she might fall into a pit of quick sand, be bitten by a snake, or trek up to a dead end.

She is out on the front lines, however, taking a small piece of the treasures in front of her one slash of the machete at a time.

We don’t need cartographers much anymore. Sure, they do have their role. But youaren’t looking to play that role.

You are looking to find new industries or opportunities.

Cartography breeds more refining of the details, more uncertainty, more planning and more time wasted.

Adventure breeds more discovery, more insight, more learning, more execution and more time well spent.

Make the habit everyday of getting out of your head and taking action. Sure you may fall over. Sure you may start off at the wrong starting point. Sure you may spend time and resources going in a less than ideal direction.

But at least you’re moving.

Sharpen your machete.

I worked in a kitchen as a prep-cook for many years.

I remember one of the first lessons I learned in a kitchen.

I was cutting tomatoes and having a really hard time cutting even, straightly sliced pieces.

The chef walked over, ripped my knife from my hands and scolded me out,

“The most crucial tool needed in a kitchen is a sharp knife. When you have a dull knife, you wont be able to cut the ingredients you are working on. This can also be extremely unsafe. You will need to hack and hack in order to get the job done. Always keep your knife razor-sharp.

I didn’t understand what he meant right away.

Wouldn’t a super sharp knife be dangerous? It would easily cut someone.

As the time went by, I realized that when you learned how to wield the knife, sharpness was paramount.

So how does this reflect to being the action-taker? How does it parallel using a machete?

When you are action based, you need to always be improving your sharpness. You need to be growing, learning from your mistakes and getting back out there to keep cutting away the foliage of uncertainty around you.

How do you sharpen your machete?


There are many adventurers out there that have had similar trials and accomplishments that you are looking for.

They say experience is the best teacher. That may be so.

Reading from the lives and stories of paragons then must be Best Teacher 1-A.

Sharpen your machete by reading. Everyday.

If you want to learn more about relationships and keep falling on your face when you ask someone out, read a relationship book.

If you want to learn more about internet and social media marketing because you keep sending out promotions but don’t get much traction, read a book on social media marketing.

Make a habit everyday of sharpening your machete so you can be better equipped on unmasking the uncertainty of the jungle you find yourself in.

Clean your machete.

Any tool that isn’t properly taken care of will lose it’s effectiveness in its original purpose.

If you properly aren’t taking care of yourself and your machete, you are going to see your efforts dwindle potency.

On a daily basis, you should make sure you are fueled properly.

  • Make sure you aren’t destroying your body with nutrient-deficient food.
  • Make sure you are getting proper exercise to fuel oxygen to the body and brain.
  • Make sure you are keeping your ‘spaces’ clean and organized. Your space is a direct reflection on your mind. You cannot work in a cluttered space.
  • Make sure you are exercising more preventative measures with your health over reactive measures. In war, if you are always reacting to the enemy, he has a firm grip over controlling your every move (the enemy is poor health here).

Clean tools will help insurmountably with increasing productivity in the now action-based life your habits have built.

Action reduces uncertainty.

Action increases confidence.

Action increases work output.

Action teaches.

All of these traits are a direct result of making the conscious decision to first choose to use a machete, to sharpen the machete and clean the machete all on habitual, regular bases.

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