The unorthodox list of 16 attributes that will take your from average to stratospheric.

1. Introduce yourself to everyone and anyone.

2. Optimize your body during breakfast.

3. Take a punch to the face.

You also cannot have good without bad.

4. Create your own PhD.

5. Put your oxygen mask on first.

6. Throw away your television.

Stop being mediated.

7. Resist falling into credit card debt.

8. Learn the art of negotiation.

9. Listen to your muse.

We have a lost our drive and mission.

10. Have the hard conversations.

11. Sweat.

12. Mind your diet.

Stop eating foods that have a commercial (processed foods).

13. Crave the uncomfortable.

14. Learn to fast.

“I can read, I can wait and I can fast.”

15. Learn to laugh at yourself first.

16. Believe that you “can” (even if you need to fake it).

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