The Secret To Unlocking The Deeply Rooted Titan Within You Is Avoiding These 23 Traits, Rituals and Behaviors.

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We all have a dormant power within us just waiting to be unlocked.

1. That new pair of Yeezy’s.

2. Fitting in.

3. Chasing the dollar.

4. Trying to hold onto a loved one when they’ve moved on.

5. The “perfect” body.

6. Adopting the next best diet.

7. Looking for the “perfect 10” romantic partner.

8. Trying to read and interpret “Beyond Good and Evil.”

9. Inflating the truth of your stories.

10. Subjecting your reason to the whims of others.

11. Avoiding the truth.

12. Changing someone’s mind.

13. Holding grudges.

14. Assisting ungrateful people.

15. Improper use of social media.

16. Partaking in Twitter wars.

17. Wishing you were somewhere else, someone else etc.

18. Pushing through life with little to no sleep.

19. Falling for the whims and advice of others.

20. Reading all the self-help books ad infinitum.

21. Watching all the self-help videos ad infinitum.

22. Chasing pharmaceuticals to remedy your ailments.

23. ***Chasing Perfection***

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