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RHCP in the buff.

Always Find The Opportunity To Get Naked

The other day I was sharing a few beers and some food with a mentor of mine and a new acquaintance. We were fueling up before our scheduled attendance at Dodger Stadium where the Dodgers were slated to take on the Cincinnati Reds.

At one point in conversation, my friend friend pivoted on a tangent and asked us if the cop driving by was holding a bull horn. Both myself and the other friend couldn’t answer yes or no. After a brief moment of shrugging our shoulders and moving on to the next topic a wave of naked bike riders began rolling past us.

They numbered in the hundreds. At a casual pace, these buck naked beings rode westbound down Sunset Boulevard letting their baby-making instruments flap freely in the wind. They were proud of everything they were letting show. They were waving at the onlookers. They basked in the cheers they received from the sidewalk.

These people let arguably the most taboo parts of their bodies be put on display for the masses to see. It was glorious. I saw how free they felt. I saw how confident they were in their own skin.

It made me think in other areas of life where people advertise themselves freely and take pride in who they are. There are people who feel vulnerable when they put art out into the world. When they do and they check all reservations on what others think, they can feel a sense of accomplishment.

When you do something, own it. You have one body and one brain (of course only for the next few years seeing as our cyborg replacements are but just around the corner). Use these instruments to the fullest and be proud of what you have been given.

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