The Documented and Proven Facts Of Meditation That Will Improve Your Life

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Whether you meditate or you’ve thought about meditation and adding it to your life, the benefits of consistent meditation cannot be understated.

The modern rigamarole of life pulls you in many directions mere moments after you get out of bed in the morning.Think about it.

What is one of the first things you do when you wake up? Many of us check our email via our mobile devices. We are perhaps met by our roommate, significant other, or kids as soon as the door to your sleep sanctuary opens. You perhaps turn on the morning news only to be pulled into the breaking stories about what to wear, what events are going on near you, and what dangers to be weary of.

Shit, it seems that from the moment you wake up you have to react to everything rather than create and produce your own ethers.

There are only 24 hours in a day. That is a fact. You are never going to change that. What you can change is how you manage your day. Meditation both during the morning or at night can set time aside to reflect and contemplate internally how you can approach the unfolding day and take consideration of the day’s events respectively which can result in an increase in effective work and clarity in setting goals and reaching them. Below is a list of proven benefits of meditation and how it can have a profound impact on your life.

When done properly meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that with meditation the parts of the brain associated with stress have shown a reduction in density. More on this study can be found here.

By taking time out of your day to focus on basic bodily functions like breathing and the passage of thoughts and emotions as they enter consciousness studies have proven an increase in focus after a few months of consistent meditation. Think about the badass creative projects that can be conquered after consistently meditation ten minutes a day.

During meditation, thoughts manifest and flee from consciousness like waves on the beach. This offers an invitation to be at play with your thoughts. See them for what they are and how they make you feel. Seeing your thoughts from a distance can increase creativity as shown in the studies done by certified meditation instructor, Tamara Lechner.

“The best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile. Optimal experience is thus something we make happen.” -Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The state of flow has widely been agreed to capture an optimal state of consciousness. With deliberate meditation and a focus on your thoughts an emotions the state of flow can be tapped into with on demand fashion.

By observing the mind you come to realize you don’t have to be a slave to it. Meditation acts as a bath for the mind. When you clean your mind you are left with a clearer perspective. You tend to see things as they are and less as things with your tainted perspective.

When you know your mind you know your self. When you have a clear understanding of yourself you become more receptive to sharing who you are with others. When you truly know yourself there isn’t much motivation to construct fake dramas about who you are and your existence with others. Why bother? When your life becomes clearer there isn’t any need to cloud your authenticity and puff up any of the insecurities you may have.

The benefits of meditation are well documented and are easy to implement in your life. Again, we all have 24 hours everyday. By just taking 10 of those minutes to focus on your thoughts and emotions it can have a profound effect on your life and the lives of the people that matter the most to you. Why wouldn’t you then take the time to discover those effects?

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