The 5 Obvious Signs That You May Have Missed The Boat In Escaping Mediocrity.

And The Guide to Change it- Before it's Too Late.

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"People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents." -Andrew Carnegie

Perhaps you've missed the boat.

It was a mediocre existence for sure.

You don't care what your food is comprised of or where it comes from (as long as it tastes good).

You're Apathetic.

Your confidence is at an all time low.

Your daily routine has no excitement.

You are addicted to the media.

There are remedies to living a mediocre life.

We all fear at the end of our lives meeting the person we were meant to become. So let's actually live it.

Take Notice of Your Poop!

Take care of a living thing (Anything- plant, pet, significant other etc).

Improve eye contact while you are speaking.

Recognize one low level autonomous decision you can make on a daily basis and change it. Watch it grow overtime and change your life.

That’s 520 valuable hours of learning a new language that will make you that much more valuable in the workforce.

Throw away your television.


Ready to Optimally Design Your Life?

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