The Surefire Way to Find the Inspiration to Write Quality Material.

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“It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write. What keeps us from sitting down is Resistance.” -Steven Pressfield

We don’t wait for inspiration to hit us in order to write. We start writing and the inspiration follows.

I know I have struggled with this idea for most of my life and definitely my writing career.

I have spent countless hours sitting in front of my computer screen with a blank document open, seeing the blinking of the font cursor taunting me as if it were laughing with every blink.

I’ve meditated for hours thinking that through deep mind exploration I would find a burst of creativity that would flow from my cerebral cortex, down my spine, pit-stop in my chest for a fiery refueling only to be blasted to my finger tips in an explosion of writing glory that would culminate into my magnum opus.

It’s never happened.

It never will.

I have learned through years of writing (mostly crap) that inspiration comes from sitting down and doing the work.

With every click of the keyboard do you heighten your chance at writing something worth while.

(Looking back at the paragraph above, as hyperbolic as it may be, I had fun and found inspiration in the moment writing that sentence and it came to me only in the moment of writing and improvising along the way).

Waiting for the idea to come to you is a futile endeavor.

It is like sitting at a bar waiting for the beautiful lady at the other end to get up and talk to you so you can date her, marry her, move to Buenos Aires and have 8 children together instead of getting off your ass and simply saying “hi” and seeing where it goes from there.

Chances are you’ll stumble.

Chances are you’ll fail.

Chances are she has a boyfriend.

But it’s better than waiting for it all to happen through some improbable cosmic turn of fate undertaking.

When you write, the ideas flow through you and create something perhaps of quality.

You don’t wait for the ideas to hit you like a bolt of lightning and then produce quality writing.

If you do this, you’ll aways be waiting.

I write everyday.

I know if I don’t, I will lose the flow of writing.

Writing is like exercise:

You will struggle the first few times you go to the gym or sit down in front of the keyboard.

You won’t have too much of an idea of what you are doing. You will hurt during the activity and probably be sore afterwards.

You will struggle to go and do it again the next day.

You will make a decent amount of progress in the short term.

You will plateau.

You will want to give up.

You will find that after a while, it’s not about finding inspiration and then doing the act, doing the act brings out the inspiration.

Write, write and write some more. There you will find your inspiration.

If all of that doesn’t work…

Drink a shit ton of coffee…

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