Small Piece of Advice to Create The Future You Want

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Take the blows, they'll only heal over stronger.

We are all prisoners of our own perception. We have our feats and we have our struggles. Within our own experience, everything is magnified to the most extreme. At times, we revel in our accomplishments and dwell in our defeats. It’s a part of being human.

Without reconciling the past, one cannot have a future. This goes for both the positives and negatives in life. Recently i’ve taken up learning to box. My trainer’s name is Nasser. He is a 59 year old Lebanese immigrant who spent most of his adult life in corporate sales and he recently shared with a friend of mine how he has overcome triumph and pain.

Growing up in Lebanon, Nasser experienced some crazy shit for lack of a better phrase. He saw things he wishes not even his enemies to see. He grew up and spent his youth during some of the fiercest times of the Lebanese Civil War. He saw friends and family members slaughtered in front of his eyes. He witnessed atrocities against humanity no human should ever see. Most people I know would have an extremely difficult time living an ordinary life should they have experienced the same.

Today Nasser is a teacher, a coach and a mentor to many people who learn from his boxing expertise. While he doesn’t talk much about his past he does offer his mantra on how he keeps progressing forward through life.

Move on he says.

“You got rejected by the girl you like? Move on”

You didn’t get the promotion you anticipated? Move on”

“You’re bummed you couldn’t make it to the Memorial Day BBQ? Move. The Fuck. On.”

It’s clear that most people reading this have objectively lived comfortable lives. I know I have. I made note above that we are all held captive by our conscious existence. Everything that comes our way is magnified by our perception seeing as we are the only ones that walk our paths.

We can all take a piece of Nasser’s advice, however. Move on. Create yourself the future you want.

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