Significantly Build Your Confidence With This Simple Life Hack.

Megan Rachel

Clean your room.

So many people want to change the world today.

I know, because I have struggled with such a thought.

At times I think I’m special. I think I have a clearer way of thinking than most. I think that people should listen to what I have to say. I think that I have the answers.

These thoughts of grandeur consumed me for quite some time. I saw deficiencies in the world and my community. I was putting my opinion on matters in which I had no viable credibility to do so.

I would give friends relationship advice when I had a handful of planned relationships myself.

I would give career advice when I was fired from my job.

I told people their political views were wrong when I only did surface level research on the candidates.

I was teaching people about healthy exercise and dietary habits when I was eating like a fool and exercising maybe twice a week (perhaps that is even generous).

I judged people, thinking I was a superior person, before getting a chance to know them.

I had many deficiencies myself that I needed to identify. I was afraid of stripping down to my weaknesses. My ego consumed many of my thoughts and convinced me I was far more influential than I actually was.

After years of experiencing the same pitfalls I came across a philosophy that helped offer a revelation on how to approach the influence I know I wanted to evoke.

I needed to make sure my room was clean.

Both literally and figuratively.

“If you can’t even clean up your room, who the hell are you going to give advice to?” -Jordan Peterson

If there were things in my life that were falling apart (relationships, career, activism, body health etc) how could I possibly evoke any serious type of influence over my network?

The truth of the matter is I couldn’t.

After hearing the philosophy to keep your room clean my life changed drastically.

I got a job that wasn’t necessarily praised upon by my friends and family but it’s a job that I enjoy and excel at.

I signed up to take private boxing lessons two days a week that have since blossomed into a five days a week routine. The demand of high intensity exercise flowed into the food choices I now make in order to fuel my body.

I focus on enjoying the moment with the women I date. I focus on being honest with these women. I focus on developing a friendship first and if it grows into something else, great.

I don’t particularly waste my time getting into political debate. I find it gets too emotional and gets off subject. If someone is willing to draw out the parameters of the debate and define their position, I’m all for it.

Much can be gleaned when you focus on clearing up your own weaknesses and improving your strengths, the ether you put into the world generates its own influence on others. You don’t need to go out with the megaphone and berate peoples’ ears for their time and attention.

People gravitate naturally towards you.

Think of the last time you caught a glimpse of the glowing person in the room. They had a certain poise about them. They didn’t seem to stick their noses in other peoples’ business. They had an energy about them because they knew who they were. They knew what was important to them. They worked on themselves so they could be a beacon for others.

When your “room is clean” you see things clearer.

Literally, when your room is physically clean, you can find things easier. Figuratively, when your room is clean, you see the world clearer. You know who you are. You know what you want. You know what people are on your level and what people may suck your energy.

You create time for priorities in your life.

When you clean your room, having a clean space becomes a priority. Having a clean space allows for you to think and operate clearly. Thinking clearly becomes a priority. When you think clearly, having an encouraging and honest network of friends becomes a priority. The small feats in your life build to BIG priorities. You have to start somewhere. You must make time to clean your room. Without that, you have no foundation.

“If you don’t have time, the truth is you don’t have priorities.” -Tim Ferriss

You build confidence.

When you you have a clean room, you feel good. When you have a clear mind, you feel good. When you feel good, you feel confident. When you feel confident, you can go into the world and share with that world your gifts and opinions and love for your community.

Ultimately, you spread influence.

Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities one can possess. People are always looking for direction. We’re looking for the answers to help solve our issues. We find these answers from confident people. When your room is clean and you’ve built your confidence and built it your way, people will notice that. They will hang on the words you say and want to be around you.

When the world seems overwhelming and you see things that you want to help out with and spread your influence but don’t seem to be getting anywhere, take a look inward. Go to your apartment and take a look at your bedroom.

What does your desk look like?

Is your bed made?

has it been a few weeks since you’ve done laundry?

Is the space clean and being optimized for you to start your day with vigor and confidence to go out into the world and spread your influence?

If not, start there. Pick up the socks under your bed. Hang up your hoodies. empty out the trash bin you keep by the door.

Clean your room and you’ll clear your mind. Clear your mind and you’ll see your thoughts. See your thoughts and you’ll build your confidence.

Build your confidence and influence the world.

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