If You Say You’re Going to Do Something, F*cking Do it. It Comes With Benefits.

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If you say you’re going to do something, you better fucking do it.

We forget today how important the is. Really, as human beings, we only have two things at our disposal: the power of language and time. Using that combination we have been able to produce many of the feats we as humans have created. We are social creatures. We need to rely on one another to create things in this world. This isn’t even material things. We need language to build relationships (unless of course you are one of those weird couples that stare into each others’ eyes and dry hump).

Since we dwelled in caves we have been handing down stories to the next generation in hopes that they will take those lessons to further the tribe.

We now live in a time where communication is so seamless and can take many different forms. We are able to broadcast our day to our social networks online. We can write an email to our Japanese business partner with the click of a button. We can video chat with our significant other who is away on a trip in Thailand and long for the next time to dry hump.

We can literally ask hundreds of people what they are doing at any time we want.

We can also cancel any plans with them without needing to tell them face to face. We tend to or have our friends flake on us. We break up with lovers over text message. We get contracts signed with clients over email and never once talk on the phone or meet with them face to face.

The ease of communication has diminished a lot of the value in communication. Building face to face relationships with other individuals can benefit you professionally, romantically, spiritually and virtually in any sphere of your life.

1. It helps you build trust

When you develop relationships with people face to face people can get a sense of who you are in real time. When you don’t have minutes or hours to craft the perfect response, people can see who you truly are. Humans are smart creatures. We are very intuitive with body language and facial cues. When you are in front of people you show your true self. When you show your true self, you create trust. When you create trust, the possibilities for collaboration are endless.

2. You use your word to build a reputation

When you tell someone that you will be somewhere or you will do something or you will help them with something and you follow through with that promise you immediately become a stand up person. You can be counted on. You are true to your word. When you are perceived as someone who can be counted on, you are looked to be your peers to help complete projects. You are introduced to interesting people. You have doors unlocked and opened for you just for sticking to your word.

3. Your network grows without much effort

This goes hand in had with building a reputation. When you can be counted on for you will be introduced to a network of people who can to build. If you flake on commitments you will easily find yourself in a sea of people who do the same. When you stick to your word, you immediately gravitate to people who want to life one another up. It’s the law of attraction. Stick to your word and watch your network grow.

4. You will be a huge turn on to the opposite sex (or same sex if you’re into that)

It’s in our biology that leaders are desired. When you stick to your word you are seen as someone who knows what they want. They are given opportunities and stick to them even if something else calls their attention away. These people have that guide them. People love to follow someone or something that knows where it’s going. Be others’ north star and watch them flock to you.

5. You tend to filter out clutter and distraction

When you commit to people and don’t go back on those commitments, you find yourself scheduling your day. You cannot be two places at the the same time, it’s impossible. When you tell people you will be somewhere or help them with something you end up creating a priority list in your day. This helps draw where you need to put your energies. When you know where to put your energies, you end up achieving tasks. When you achieve tasks, you complete goals.

6. You reduce your social anxiety

When you do what you said you were going to do, life simplifies. You find yourself living in the present moment. It’s a cause and effect relationship. When you don’t stick to your word, uncomfortable things happen. You worry about seeing that person you let down. You replay in your head the past events and how they could have been better. You feel like you betray people. Get the hell out of your head and into the present moment. Stick to your word.

Keeping your promises can have a profound effect in simplifying your life and opening doors of opportunities with people you never had before. It all stems from the gift that separates us from the unsocial creatures. Even dolphins will call to one another to communicate and collaborate. Be like the dolphin and do what you say.

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