I think this is a well written article.

I do think what you illustrated is essentially for a Man to be a well rounded individual- which won't only get him sex, it can perhaps bring him desirable successes in many different aspects of life.

If you're a schlub and a joke of a man who doesn't have any regard for his woman, how can you expect to find sexual success in life?

You can't.

You help your woman and she'll help you. Of course I mean this beyond sexually as well.

My father once told me, "Son, when I married your mother, she didn't have much money and neither did I. She did help me make a decent amount of money, however." and that illustrated a lot to me in terms of partnership and finding a mate.

I still think a man is the leader of a household (call me old fashioned) but that isn't to say a woman is necessarily "lower."

Far from it. Both individually bring critical skills, thoughts, benefits to the fold.

Complement those skills, thoughts etc and enjoy the sex.

Cheers brother,


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