How to Receive Automatic Payments Selling Your Ebook — Even if it's Not Written Yet

It's made me obsessed with venturing into spaces in the global economy that are going to be safe against attack when it comes to artificial intelligence and the subsequent displacement of jobs.

That obsession led me to writing about 7 years ago. It helped me start and grow a sustainable and functioning online writing business that helps me generate figures in income each month — about 45% of that coming from digital sales of my ebook.

Why creating and selling an ebook is your best bet

Writing is a safe profession — at least in terms of the next few decades.

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How receive automatic payments selling your ebook

If you are already generating traffic and an audience with your online content, you can actualize this strategy with relative ease.

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Step 1. Write your ebook

It's never as simple as just "writing your ebook".

1. writing the book via GoogleDoc

Write the book in your traditional format in a GoogleDoc. This is so you have the book ready before we actually publish it.

2. Format the book via Canva

If you aren't familiar with Canva, it is a free-for-use design platform that allows you to use already created templates to build and create your own digital/print marketing collateral.

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3. Setup your Stripe and PayPal accounts

This is a minor step but a crucial one.

4. Setup your email service provider (ESP) and upload ebook

There are a bunch of email service providers in the digital market.

5. Set up email opt in

I know you've probably seen me write about this before.

It's because they know the money is in the email list.

And rightfully so. If a content producer is creating valuable work — they should be rewarded for it.

6. Create an automatic sale during the email welcome sequence

I've written about this before as well.

  • Go over what they can expect from the list
  • Give them any "freebie" you promised
  • Make an ebook pitch at the end of the sequence

In the end — You need to ask for money in exchange for your gifts

When I was a kid, I remember hearing men constantly say,

You have to believe that your knowledge, wisdom, experience and point of view is valuable.

Whoever you are, wherever you're from and whatever your experience — there is some value in that if you believe in that value.

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