How To Destroy Low Self-Esteem and Leave In The Gallows Where it Belongs

While self-esteem can be caused by many things in life, one underlying reason for low self esteem, that I have found, is due to the habit of being the cartographer over the adventurer.

What do I mean by that?




a person who draws or produces maps.

When you draw maps (plan) in your life, you become trapped in a state of anxiety and constant building.

  • You don’t ever get up to the plate and swing the bat. You are constantly analyzing and practicing the “perfect swing.”
  • You don’t ever sit down at your desk and write your magnum opus. You are browsing Youtube and other utilities on how to write the “perfect book.”
  • You don’t ever take risk in starting your own business. You either remain at the same job you hate or continue climbing the academic ladder in search for “perfect tool belt.”

Perfect doesn’t exist.

The striving to be perfect only keeps you thinking you’re inadequate.

When you take action and become the adventurer you make mistakes. You learn from the mistakes and try again.

  • You get up to the plate, sometimes you swing and miss, sometimes you hit a single and ever so often you hit that grand slam.
  • You start writing, you get to know yourself as a writer, you write your first book, it sucks, you re-write and learn what works and what doesn’t. Perhaps you finally get a book published.
  • You start your business, bootstrapping your resources. The business fails. You learn what didn’t work. You apply those lessons the next time. You’ve built the next great app.

How can you expect to gain self-esteem by sitting on the sidelines?

You’ll never fall in love and have that ultimate relationship if you keep reading books on relationships and how to be the “perfect lover.”

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