Hey Summer,

It's always delightful how I see things circle back into my life now and again. My sister showed me this author and some of her work a few years back.

I think in the micro, it's often hard to see how certain jobs/episodes of our life are going to have a profound impact in the macro.

For instance, for years I worked in fine dining. I learned about food, the sourcing of food, the cooking of food, what flavors go well with one another. I learned about wine and what it means to have a special bottle and the work that went into to make that wine. I also learned about people — I learned how to host people, how to make them feel special and how to perform.

All of these things day in and day out didn't make all that much of an impact. It was a means to an end — to keep a roof over my head.

Now, I understand how those lessons helped me with my love of writing.

I know now more about the craft of writing and the different forms of art it can be. I know about the story behind my writing. And I know how to make people feel with my writing. I wouldn't have been able to glean any of this if it weren't for a different chapter in my life.

I guess to sum it up succinctly — I LOVE what you wrote and the example you provided. It helps offer context into the whole of our lives and examine where we've come from and where we're headed.

Thank you for this and your input.

I look forward to what your future writings are as well :)



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