Hey Peggy O,

So I don't know where in my piece it illustrates your claim that I:

"imply to other people that they are 'lazy.'"

and that

"being lazy is a judgement that's place upon us, usually in our youth. It's the nagging parent accusing you of not doing what they think you should be doing, teaching you that you can't rely on your own instincts or trust yourself to make good choices."

No where at all did I make that claim nor do I believe that is the definition of laziness. The definition of "lazy" is as followed taken from Dictionary.com



adjective, la·zi·er, la·zi·est.

  1. averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent.

Let's be real… a person knows when they are being lazy. It doesn't matter what anyone around them thinks of how they are acting, generally the person in question knows if they are "disinclined to work" or perhaps "indolent."

Further, every action point I laid out within the piece is completely reliant on the individual taking action internally with their mindset and thus creating activated change within their external environment.

To an extent, yes, I do agree with you that some people may need to ask for help when dealing with their resistance — there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help; I have done it and do it all the time.

I even end my article with

Every morning you wake up you have another opportunity to fight the resistance that is trying to weigh you down. When you set up proper fortifications to combat resistance, you will find your self discipline blossom.

Again, I have no idea where I was "a nagging parent" or really what and who you are arguing with…

The goal of the article was to fortify readers with a plan or a playbook of actions one can take in order to fill their daily battle with lethargy and resistance (which I believe I did) and not point fingers, moan and groan like a nagging parent (which I believe I did not).



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