Hey Misty,


I think you have brought up some pretty important questions here.

I think the first one to address is:

Why do I have these urges to contribute to a conversation and where does that come from?

I think much of the answer that lies here is because you have something meaningful to contribute. Now that may sound a bit cliche but I think it's true. It's like why I like to write — I feel like I have to. It's like Socrates when he referred to the daemon (conscience) within his head. This daemon even led him to not renouncing his beliefs which ultimately lead to his death by decree of the courts. Luckily we aren't dealing with such severity…

Second, I think similar to what I addressed early in the article, I think you are being too hard on yourself if I can be completely frank.

What I mean by that is what you might this isn't a profound or valuable comment/question doesn't mean that I or any reader/writer might not think that.

  • When you don't comment are you afraid of perhaps looking stupid? (I've had that feeling plenty of times…)
  • Do you think that your comment won't be read? (Hell, so many of mine probably haven't)
  • Does it seem like some of the content is way over your head? (Again, to pull from Socrates — "I know nothing")

It's funny…

I got into a comment argument with one of the people who commented on another one of my articles and things didn't go that well. Just before writing this I actually wrote an apology and asked to re-open dialogue so we can come to an understanding.

So many times I get up "to the plate" and I strike out.

That's part of it I guess.

I hope I am helping to answer your questions. This comment really has me thinking.

I'd love to hear your response so we can flush out anything else that may be coming up.

Furthermore, are you writing your own original content? With that, you can be on the other side of the discussion too and see when people are coming to you with your creations.

Be well,


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