Hey Mauro,

Thanks for the shout out and more importantly — the GREAT article.

There is so much to unpack about the work one can put in with Medium.

While I don't know if I've ever been in "Curation Jail" because I've been on here so long and put my confidence in the curators (i.e. if it's good, it'll get curated, if it's bad it won't).

And that idea reminds me of some advice I would share with people in "Curation Jail" (and you touched on it a bit with this piece). The advice is —

if you're not getting curated, how can you make the article better?

I know the curators love corroborating evidence. With my freelance career I've had a lot of experience with my clients in providing corroborating evidence in an article's claim/argument.

My work with Forbes especially called for this — finding the actual scholarly study rather than citing another blog post.

This insight helped me out a LOT and I hope it helps people reading this going forward with their work.

I fully believe in myself and now you, Mauro, in helping build and foster this community of writers, thinkers, doers, and solopreneurs in providing actionable insight and strategies in order to help progress people closer to exiting the "rat race" and closer to their dream.

Again — amazingly valuable piece. I cannot wait to see more and for people reading this comment, if you're not following Mauro yet, you absolutely should be.

Cheers brother,


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