Hey Leonard,

I guess I should have been a bit more thorough…

I do only have a few clients — however, there are many projects that I get on a daily and weekly basis with those clients.

Freelance billing rates come in many forms. I create content for my clients and the rates I have with them range from $150 — $250 per 1000 word pieces.

I am generally creating 2–4 pieces per week.

That generally gives me in the range of $400 — $800 a week.

I average it out to about $500 per week (of course it goes up and down depending on the projects and the workload) thus giving the $2,000/month I included in the article.

Sorry if I was vague!

Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely be more specific in the future. I didn't mean to confuse you (or anyone)!



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