Hey Judith,

Looks great!

Just a little feedback — I would toggle the "first name" field on and make it required. Once you start building your list and sending your valuable newsletters, products, services etc out to your audience, it's more personable with the "first name" merge tag that you can include in each email (if this sounds confusing it's so simple once you start making emails).

I would also consider what problem the sticker solves for your audience?

  • Is it about recognition and affiliation?
  • Is there a workbook, cheatsheet, infographic you can create that helps your audience of teachers get from "here"(the problem) to "there" (the solution).

This is just my feedback — you know your audience better than I do.

All in all — I think it looks GREAT! Love the styling and looks like you put it all together without a hitch!

Oh… one quick thing. I would change the button and the wording on the button to something like "Send me the sticker" or "claim my sticker" or "send it" something that is more actionable than "subscribe" (which I know is the default.

Reach out if you need anything else — my door (cough…cough… laptop) is always open!



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