Hey Joren,

Damn… those are insightful points.

I definitely need to read Mark Manson! I've heard so many things about his book and recently listened to his interview with James Altucher on Altucher's podcast (if you haven't listened, I would definitely check it out).

You know what too?

I think you even have the framework for an article there. If you could flush it out just a bit more and feature a killer headline that will get people to click — you will offer extremely valuable and insightful information to people.

I use Sumo's headline generator to help me out. It's part of the "game" there are so many articles out there, you have to have yours stick out with a killer headline (something I'm still struggling with).

What you wrote are things me and my roommate talk about constantly. It's mindfulness and battling the Ego for sure. Your brain is the greatest gift and sometimes the harshest curse.

Purpose and meaning trump all, however. When you have a "North Star" that you're following it helps silence the brain and silence the critics. When you "slip" you can get back on track if you know where your star is guiding you.

This is what I see with my writing — to help create a community of writers/doers/creatives and general badasses to listen to the voice in their head and take actionable steps to following their dreams. It starts with us, dude.

Good shit — write that article! Sure it will be great! (Following you now)



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