Hey Clarrisa,

I think what you want to do with your idea is INCREDIBLE!

I've also thought about your question a lot… What I've come to is an underlying belief in how my voice differs than others and vice versa and how that can be used to meet the niche of my audience.

For instance — with the onset of modern day technology and the ability to reach people with ease, there are people that are going to probably gravitate towards my style and means of conveying the message while simultaneously relieving the problem that is evident in the marketplace (ie empowering individuals to construct a life where they are the architects). An important bit here, I'm not going to capture everyone — and that's the point.

"If you try and capture everyone, you'll fail to capture anyone"

So thankfully, I think we can both proceed with this cause and mission for we will be helping relay the message in different and beneficial ways.

At least of course this is all my hypothesis…

I think what's most important is to determine Why you are doing something.

For me it's to "Empower and inspire individuals to construct lives in which they feel empowered and inspired by the work they do" and at this moment — it's through the means of technology and building a blog that speaks to that internal inspiration. In the future, that may change due to market changes, technological advances etc but the Why will remain the same.

And hopefully all of that translates to my audience.

You Why might be different, maybe similar and your translation will be what connects with and inspires your audience.

Lengthy I know…

But I hope it helps!

If you need me to future dive in, I am happy to and if you want to go through email and dive DEEPER I am more than happy to!



P.S. I also don't think you'd be stealing any ideas — you're just taking what already is there and making it your own. Like Picasso said, "All the great art is stolen" nothing is created in a vacuum. If you like to read, I suggest purchasing this book, "Steal Like An Artist" by Austin Kleon.

I hope all of this helps, Sis!

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