Hey Brian,

Interesting read — thank you for this.

It's hard to reason with people online (shit…it's often hard in person). Thinking and sharing opinions in a free speech society exists because thoughts and ideas can often be dangerous. The beauty of it all is we can figure it out together, through speech and discourse, to understand if the idea is good or not.

This of course doesn't translate over the web of 140 characters. People are set in their ways and often cannot make out exactly what the intent is behind the message (similarly here whereas I firmly don't believe you had intent to be malicious or crude — it seemed to be coming from a place of love and reason).

It's hard because we close ourselves off from being challenge and then magnify our echo-chambers that don't allow for outside thought and challenge to come in and help offer up growth.

All in all… thank you for this. I feel there is a community (including myself) that understands where you're coming from. We understand that it's upon us — the individual — to challenge and make change within ourselves that trickle out rather than attempt to force ridicule and shame on others (like the trolls in this story).

Be well brother — I'm going to follow what thoughts you have coming in the future.



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