Hey Anthony,






I love what you've done here. Great illustration of what it really takes to be a creative. There's a juxtaposition that is rampant in the mind of a creative:

  • We have all these lofty ideas and day dreams and goals
  • And we think they're going to culminate into fruition overnight.

I remember listening to a podcast between Joe Rogan and Dan Carlin. In the podcast, Carlin depicts and illustration about being a creative. He equates it to being similar to a football running back — most of the time you're going to get maybe a yard or two. Sometimes nothing. Sometimes it's a devastating loss.

Sometimes, however, you find a hole…

You get a first down…

You break for a huge gain…

You reach the end zone for a touchdown!

You're always grinding it out as a creative. You're never going to get anywhere unless you're on the field and available for whatever the "snap" brings you.

I think you illustrated this in your own way.


— Brosio

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