Hey Anthony,

This is wonderful — cheers brother.

I like to think there are two types of people:

  • Cartographers (planners)
  • Explorers (doers)

The cartographer is a map maker. They are always trying to plan and perfect the landscape before actually doing anything. Their pursuit of perfection leaves them still at the drawing board (similar to your friend).

The explorer on the other hand gets into the space and starts hacking away with a machete to forge their own trail. They push out content to get feedback. They test what they've been working on. They reach dead ends, fail and pivot. They're the person you outline in this piece.

Are you always going to get to the destination that you imagined before you set out? No. But what you can learn along the way is priceless.

And who knows, maybe the altered path that begins to show itself will get you to a better destination in the long run.

Again, thank you for this article and everything you write — it keeps all of us explorers right on track.



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