Hey Anne,

That's true. I've read about freelancing and things as such. Really I'm trying to Choose Myself (taken from James Altucher's book).

Since writing in the past year, I have been able to supplement some income through the ebook I created and published that teaches how I went from 0 to over 2 million views and became a Most Viewed Writer online with Quora (a fantastic site similar to Medium). With that, I have built an email list and the viewer ship helped with people purchasing the ebook/course.

It's all there, in my opinion. I'm someone who doesn't have 100k followers and I haven't been published on TIME, Inc, Huffpost etc (not yet at least…) and I have seen the results — spiritually, mentally and financially.

It's possible.

There is a niche out there for you — what do you love?

If you have questions on building an email list, CTAs etc let me know!



📚 3 Mil+ Views | 🤠 Internet Cowboy | 🍷 Wine Aficionado | I'll Teach You How To Build a 💰-Making Blog: https://bit.ly/2GuQtgB

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