Blatant Signs You're Losing the Fight Everyday (and you don't even know it).

The simple greatest trick in tapping back into the present moment and retaining prolonged self-awareness is simple.

However, it’s first imperative that we declare the idea of being self-aware “all the time” as utterly false.

Tapping back into the present moment and retaining awareness is paramount in living a life of intent and purpose.

Now the tool used to tap back into the present moment is incredibly simple.

It is putting an autonomous system in place so you can train your behavior to recognize when you have wandered.

Put reminders at 2.5 hour intervals on your smart phone that read “present moment check-in”

Let me draw up two different scenarios:

You wake up at 7am.

You spent the entire day on auto-pilot.

Now for the next scenario:

You wake up at 7am.

Your phone then goes off- 9:30am “present moment check-in.”

You ask yourself how the day has been going so far? Not all that good, you felt in a hurry when getting out of bed and on the commute to work. You have this moment to check back in a reassess your day.

Before you know it, you’re phone alarms again. 12:00pm “present moment check-in”

You ask yourself again, how has the day been going? Well, not all that bad. The morning was rough but once I got into work I was able to finish the proposal I was working on and had a pretty effective meeting with my team. I fired off some important emails and now I’m going to grab some lunch. I wanted to grab some tacos. Is that the best choice, however? They may slow me down. Instead, maybe I’ll run to the food bar at Whole Foods and make my self a nutrient rich salad with grilled chicken and hard boiled eggs. Yeah, that will fuel me.

Again, your phone goes off. 2:30pm “present moment check-in.”

You think to yourself, dang. Things have been pretty alright today. I have gotten a lot done with my project. I have gotten great feedback from my boss. My team and I have made advances in our pursuits. I feel fueled and ready to attack the rest of my work day.

Your 5pm “present moment check-in” alarm is firing away as you head down in the elevator.

You think to yourself, well, I need to get ready for the onslaught of rush hour here, maybe there’s a podcast I haven’t listened to that will help make that idle time beneficial.

Before you know it, you’re 7:30pm “present moment check-in” alarm is going off.

Dang, I’ve wasted some time again. No worries, at least I’ve been brought back to the present moment.

You get so enveloped in writing that your 10pm “present moment check-in” alarm sounds off.

Hot damn. I can’t believe it’s already 10pm you think to yourself. I’ve gotten so much done, I should probably start to get ready to wind down for bed.

When we’re on auto-pilot we let the whims of anxiety take over. We are always trapped in the future mindset of “I still need to accomplish [this]” mixed with the past sentiments of “I wish I had more time to complete [blank].” We then fill our time with remedial tasks that drain our energy and don’t get us any closer to working on the projects that fully require our attention.

When we tap into the present moment, we are able to benchmark and see what daily choices we have made and how we can pivot to a more positive intent.

If you are having trouble tapping into the present moment, use this trick to remind yourself to do so.

As time goes on, the constant benchmarking of the day over time can have profound effects in improving your life.

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