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Jon Brosio

The simple strategy for extraordinary results

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According to a 2017 Gallup poll, two-thirds of Americans are disengaged, meaning they feel no real connection to their jobs or worse, causing them to do the bare minimum in their roles and responsibilities.

Heck, I know back in 2014, I was a member of that group.

I was working for a website that did reputation management. The office was just outside downtown Boston.

Of course, when I started, things were great!

I was 24 years old, I was a few years removed from college, I had just moved halfway across the country to a new city. I was making…

A comprehensive 3-step guide to build your product and sell it automatically

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So you want to build a passive income online business but don't know where to start?

Well, luckily for you — you’ve landed in the right place.

What you're going to read in this article is my proven method for building a passive income online business. Now, I've been at this for about 4 years and I have gone from absolutely obscure and unknown online writer to over 3 million views, 5-figure a month income, working for myself, and doing the work that helps fulfill me that my office job and restaurant gigs couldn't.

Now there are essentially two elements to my online business:

  • Active — the tasks, roles, and…

8. Make sure you check your poop

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Your thirties feel different than the other decades that preceded it.

  • You don't remember half your first decade.
  • Your second decade is filled with abundant learning but still requires heavy parental oversight.
  • In the third decade, you get a taste of freedom. Perhaps you go off to college or you get your first "grown-up job" you start getting a sense of responsibility.

The fourth, however, starts to take on a completely different aura. Responsibility really starts to take shape. If you don't work hard at your job, you probably won't progress. If you constantly consume poor food, you'll start to…

Offering uncommon insight, these books can help you grow faster and bigger.

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Being an entrepreneur is hard.

Being a disorganized entrepreneur is even harder.

“Wait, Jon — what the hell are you even talking about? ‘Disorganized’ entrepreneur?”

I’m glad you asked that question — because I was going to start writing this article and perhaps I didn’t even have my thoughts clearly organized…

A disorganized entrepreneur can take on a few different forms:

  • A “wantrepreneur” or someone who dreams of being an entrepreneur and starting their own business but doesn’t know exactly where to start.
  • An operating entrepreneur who has a successful business/working for his or herself but doesn’t delegate work effectively

4 insights from a native English speaker who still gets it wrong

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English is my native language. I learned it from my parents, primarily. I was also taught it formally in school for over a decade.

Also took six years of academic Spanish. I'm pretty confident in my abilities when conversing with native Spanish speakers. Every word may not be perfect — but I know I can my point across.

Conversational language is a Universe different than written language. Written language allows for more room to be criticized. It allows for others to judge you more harshly because you aren't there to offer nuance. Plain and simple — if you're writing in…

Even with all the strategies and technology — sometimes it's the internal qualities that make the biggest impact

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I'll never forget the email…

It was from a confused email subscriber who was making a strong case for how overwhelming building an online business could be:

Hello Jon,

Thank you for the email. I have to say, however, that building an online business isn't as easy as you put it. While it is possible, it's CLEAR that you have years of experience and knowledge in skills and strategies like digital marketing, copywriting, email marketing, funnel building and more. These things take time and cannot be learned overnight! What about the things that don't take years of development? …

I hope they do the same for you

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What happens when life begins to feel too serious?

My girlfriend and I were thinking about this question after a couple of negroni cocktails the other night. We were thinking how we change our mode of operation when we find ourselves taking life too seriously. We came up with a few behaviors:

  • We try and fit "round pegs into square holes" (i.e. we force things to happen).
  • We tend to overthink and get anxious regarding the bigger picture (i.e. existential questions regarding our life choices).
  • We close ourselves off from taking positive risks that have the potential to pay off.

How to create a 3-day email sequence to sell more digital courses

Moving image of item on computer screen being clicked.
Moving image of item on computer screen being clicked.
Image courtesy of the author via Canva

The emails just kept rolling in…

Sale notification: 000567832 — Jan. 8, 2021 6:34 a.m. PST

“Congratulations, you’ve received a new sale of: $87.00.” A copy of the invoice will be sent to the customer.

When that first email came through, I thought I was lucky at best…

Sale notification: 000567833 — Jan. 8, 2021 9:17 a.m. PST

“Congratulations, you’ve received a new sale of: $87.00.” A copy of the invoice will be sent to the customer.

And then the second email came through telling me I made another sale. OK, lightning doesn’t strike twice, right? I’m getting people to…

All entrepreneurs work hard, but the ones who excel work smarter

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America's 16th President, Abraham Lincoln once noted how he would manage his time if he were tasked with chopping down a tree,

"If I had six hours to cut down a tree, I'd spend the first four hours sharpening the axe."

— Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln understood that when performing a job — it's better to work smarter rather than harder and to have the right tools available at your disposal.

After reading a recently published article by Michael Thompson and the investments one should make that can pay exponential dividends for an individual's future, I was inspired to write an…

Captivating people's interest is more about them than it is you

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Photo by Dmitry Vechorko

My roommate's father is probably the best listener in the world.

Or at least my world.

I see him periodically — once every couple of years. What's crazy is I actually met my roommate's father, Bruce, before I met my roommate — but that's another story.

Bruce has a way of being the most interesting man in the room, regardless of the other people, the decor, the energy, or the context.

He tells me a story about when he was at a cocktail party with his first wife.

He was in his early thirties and he was brought to this…

Jon Brosio

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