6 Ways to Make Your Brain Smarter, Sharper and Lightning Fast.

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In the connected world we live in today, speed and efficiency are paramount.

In the blink of an eye, things happen and if you are too slow to recognize these opportunities you might get left in the dust as the world keeps turning.

Today, there are many tips and tricks that are offered in order to stay sharp and stay ahead of the game.

Some of these strategies involve training the mind. They are internal enhancements that are completely and utterly under your control. You need to train your mind to act and think in certain manners in order for it to be effective.

Other strategies include utilizing external forces to your advantage. These strategies may include consuming a certain tool or perhaps rejecting other external stimuli.

Combining both the internal and external strategies together will offer up a cocktail of optimization that will help you lead the charge in this world.

Adopt the 3-second rule.

You only have 3 seconds to make potentially life altering decisions.

Author Neil Strauss is famous for uncovering the “3-second rule” which he wrote about it his book, The Game, that noted you only have 3 seconds to go and talk with a woman if you wanted a chance at “picking her up.”

This rule goes far beyond just picking up women at a bar however.

Adopt this rule with so many aspects of your life:

Thinking about calling back that girl you met last weekend? You only have 3 seconds to pick up the phone.

Thinking about emailing the startup founder you met in passing the other day? You have 3 seconds or you’ll second guess yourself.

Thinking about going with your friends to the concert of the year? You have 3 seconds to pull the trigger on purchasing the tickets or you’ll chicken out.

Drinking kefir every morning and night (and supplementing with other probiotics on a regular basis).

Want to think clearer and have accelerated brain function?

Drink kefir and supplement with other probiotics.

Your gut health has a direct correlation to cognitive function and brain plasticity.

When we disrupt and poison our bodies with nutrient deficient foods (fast food, processed food etc) we are not only doing our body a huge disservice but our brains as well.

To rapidly make your brain sharper, smarter and lightning fast, start taking probiotics. If you haven’t before, you’re body might be gassy in the beginning- you are completely altering the microbiome of your stomach that may have been a dumpster-fire for years.

Reduce your daily to-do list to 3–5 items.

Everything else is gravy. When I wake up in the morning, after completing my morning routine, I get down to brass tacks in completing the obstacles that lay in front of me. I generally have 3–5 items on my to-do list. These tasks are generally going to take a decent amount of time and I also know that I can complete them.

I am setting myself up not only to complete what is in front of me, but feel good about it too. Too often in the past, I found myself feeling overwhelmed with the mountain of work in front of me. The very thought that I didn’t have enough time and resources to complete the list left me paralyzed.

Now, when I know I can complete these 3–5 tasks and know that I have progressed further than where I was yesterday, anything else that I complete during that day’s work is added bonus.

Non-fiction reading.

How can one imagine their brain becoming shaper and smarter if they don’t read, and read non fiction work for that matter?

When you read, you are willingly joining a conversation with a world class expert in a given topic. You are sitting down and having a cup of coffee with a paragon in said selected field.

After reading a book, you are now well equipped to regurgitate the plethora of information you’ve gleaned to the rest of the world.

You have only become smarter.

Taking cold showers.

So many people have talked about taking cold showers and how it provide various health benefits.

Of course that is true.

In taking cold showers, however, you look at things during the day that scare you and have the potential of adding unwanted discomfort, looking at that obstacle in the eye and overcoming it.

Whenever I am about to turn the nozzle to the cold setting I realize that I need to do it quick and without much thought. I need to be lightning fast.

When I do, I see it as a symbolism to the many obstacles I am going to be confronted with on a daily basis. When something comes my way, I don’t waste too much time mulling over accepting the discomfort.

I accept it.

Conquer it.

And move on.


Like stated above, we are too often taken by the whim of fatty, satiating, gluttonous food.

It numbs us.

It makes our thoughts foggy.

It puts us to sleep.

Every once and a while (once a month perhaps) fast for 24 hours. When you wake up in the morning, only drink water or perhaps some tea and only drink that for a whole day.

It will be hard but it will push you to respect food and understand it.

Fasting is also a catalyst in entering into ketosis which has profound abilities to increase cognitive function.

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