5 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself Again and Again.

That when answered, will help you break down barriers and take profound leaps in achieving you goals.

What outcome do I desire?

Let’s start at the ground level…

What do you want? This question helps us set the foundation in getting to where we want to go.

Picture your life like a boat in the sea. You are the boat and your existence is the ocean around you. When you don’t know what you want to be, how do you know where the boat will take you? No one is really steering the vessel. You are being taken by the whim of the winds and the shores to which you will land are out of your control.

Do you want to write?

Do you want to compose music?

Do you want to be an athlete?

Do you want to be a doctor?

Do you want to make $1,000,000?

Everyone needs to ask this question to themselves in order for them to know where to begin. Give yourself the proper sail to help you navigate.

How do I get to this desired outcome?

Great- you know what you want to do with your life and time.

Now how do you get there?

This is a great question to ask yourself when thinking about career goals or perhaps in finding a lover.

You know what you want, now how are you going to get there?

Are you living in the right area and situation to achieve your goals?

Are you living in a community that will stifle your efforts?

Do you need to find mentors to help fast track your success?

How are you going to align yourself in order to get where you want to go?

What behaviors am I exhibiting to get there?

What are you doing in order to become a musician?

Are you practicing the guitar everyday?

Are you studying sheet music?

This is an in-depth look at your daily habits:

When you wake up in the morning, what are your first 2 hours comprised of? Are you energized to work on your craft (and more importantly- WORK ON IT!) or are you spending your time scrolling through endless news feeds?

Sometimes when we ask ourself this question we are led astray. Perhaps you are living the Rockstar night life of partying, women and drugs but aren’t actually creating and producing any music whatsoever.

Reevaluate your behaviors. Erase the behaviors that set you back- say NO to people if it is a distraction and eliminate time wasting activities. Build the behaviors that bring you closer to your ideal self- practice your craft, put yourself in vulnerable situations, share with people your pursuits (but don’t talk about it too much) and get to work.

What obstacles to I need to overcome now, today?

All we have is right now. I get that your dreams are big- mine are too.

What are you doing today, however to get you closer to the goal at hand? This is going to be very specific daily obstacles and challenges that you are going to need to overcome.

Most likely, a lot of the daily challenges will turn into habits that will help you reduce a lot of the clutter that comes with changing your behavior etc.

How did in completing today put me in a better spot than where I was yesterday?

Take some time to reflect when the day is set and done.

What battles did you win for that day?

Where do you still need to improve?

What did you learn about yourself?

How could you improve in various aspects for tomorrow?

What challenges still lie ahead for tomorrow?

If we don’t take the time to reflect on how we’ve grown even in the slightest fashion, we aren’t benchmarking how far we’ve come.

Sometimes the reflection is going to be easy- you will have completed all of your tasks for the day. Bravo.

Sometimes you are going to reflect back and see that you didn’t progress all that much. Tough luck. Just make sure you prepare yourself for the next day.

Don’t let mediocrity become a habit.

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