5 Basic Steps to Start a $5,000 a Month Blog — That Won’t Leave You Bored & Confused

Oh great — another article on how to start a blog…

Jon Brosio


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Ohhhhh great…

Another article about how to start a blog. I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself,

“Let me guess — this privileged, Middle-American, white male with seemingly feminine hips is going to give me generic advice on how to build a money-making blog. These tips are going to include how to find hosting, how to name the domain, and how to make money through affiliate links — let’s entertain this bozo so we can let him have it in the comments section…”

To which I would respond,

“Blast! They can see my hips through the computer screen! How did they know that’s my insecurity!”

After taking a cold shower, I would respond with,

“No — that’s not at all what I’m going to talk about. I’m going to talk about how I did it my way. I’m also going to provide real-world evidence. And, on top of all that, I’m going to make the entire process exciting. Here goes…”

I’m going to take you through the exact basic methodology I used to create my $5,000 a month (minimum) blog. What I think is pretty damn cool (the first non-boring part), is I don’t pay a single cent on any advertising. My overall costs are pretty low.

Let’s get into it…

Step 1. Use platforms that hand you an audience on a silver platter

Many of us have been there:

“Okay, I have this amazing idea… I’m going to write about this thing that I know. Once I get a host and a domain, I’ll write up some content, and BOOM, I’ll have an audience.”

But does it ever work? If you have done the whole domain and host thing, you know getting traffic is by far the hardest part. So why are you trying to pull traffic to your site?

That’s like trying to find a girlfriend and putting a sign up in the front lawn of your 750 sqft Echo Park apartment saying, “Girlfriend wanted. Apply Inside.”

Instead, what you should do, is go out where the potential girlfriends flock:



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