23 Simple and Bold Ways To Improve Your Life On A Daily Basis When You Feel Stuck

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A to-the-point list here of tactics, methods, hacks and rituals that can be used to get you out of a rut you might be experiencing.

Some of these rituals include something to your life — adding a tool to your repertoire to help you climb the mountain of life.

Other rituals include something from your life — the climb in life is hard, sometimes you are carrying too much and need to let somethings go.

All of these tactics I have used in my life at some point.

Some are ongoing and I apply them using the mentality — the deliberate need to practice the ritual on a daily basis or certain realms and aspects of your life might begin to fall by the wayside.

1. Ask for 10% off when purchasing your next coffee.

Adopted from a conversation between James Altucher and Noah Kagan who claim this exercise will help train you overcome the uncomfortable situations we encounter in life and also deal with rejection.

2. Seek the uncomfortable.

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When you need to have that uneasy conversation with your lover, have it.

When you need to tell your father you’re not going to take over the family business, do it.

3. Outline your day and then critique it.

What comprises your day?

Try to examine its structure with heavy scrutiny. What activities/chores bring value? Where are you wasting time? When you look at your day from a bird’s eye view you are able to amend and improve on areas that may have once been hidden.

4. Take the stairs when applicable.

This is so simple in adopting to help improve your life daily.

When you have the opportunity to take the stairs over the escalator/elevator, do it.

Over time, as you make this choice, it will only benefit your health (even if it’s the most minute way).

5. Make your bed first thing in the morning.

What’s the best way to get your morning started?

By getting a healthy dose of dopamine (brain’s feel-good neurotransmitter) to the body.

Dopamine is released when you have sex and take cocaine.

It is also released with something as simple as receiving and reading a text message and checking off a to-do list item (making your bed falls in here).

6. Write everyday.

Write down the emotions in your head.

Jot down 30 new ideas.

Write an in depth critique of the new movie. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are practicing and honing the most important tool you can utilize as a human- language.

7. Put down the Doritos.

Damn do I love Doritos (spicier nacho…). You need to put down the bad, however.

  • Put down the Coca-cola.
  • Put down the Starbursts.
  • Put down all the shit food that is clouding your cognition.

You cannot improve yourself if you are fueling your body with toxic food.

8. Turn off 24 hour news.

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The goal of 24 hour news and traditional media to to instill fear and to mediate (yeah, where did you think the word came from?)

Your life is not going to be completely governed by the political climate.

There are so many current events that happen that won’t directly affect you. So stop taking influence from them.

9. Seek and receive criticism.

How do you expect to get better if you don’t allow people to tell you you can improve?

Ask the people around you how you can be a better husband, coworker, boss, leader, writer, thinker etc.

10. Reach out for help.

You cannot do it all.

This is the truth.

I have fallen victim to the idea that I can solve all of my own problems. It just leaves me alone and with a bigger load to carry. When you are struggling, ask for help. There are people around you who are willing to help you.

11. Get a good night’s sleep.

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So simple yet often times an afterthought.

If you want to optimize your day, it starts with optimal rest.

I know you’ve heard about Silicon-Valley Titans sleeping just 4 hours a day and all that- there’s also an amphetamine epidemic cascading through that industry fueling the sleeplessness.

Get ample sleep.

12. Read.

Read a non-fiction book.

Read some of the great classic literature.

Read a blog.

It really doesn’t matter.

What does matter that you are expanding your consciousness and knowledge. Learning doesn’t stop after traditional schooling. In my opinion- it starts.

13. Reach out to people with higher status than you.

I am working on this right now.

If you are just starting out in an industry- reach out to people that can help raise you up. Ask experts in your field questions.

If you are seeking help, make sure there is something you can provide them with that makes their exchange valuable.

14. Get rid of people holding you back.

You are the average of the 5 closest people in your life.

This is undeniable. There very well may be people in your life holding you from improvement.

As hard as it might be, eliminate those people from your life.

15. Wim Hof breathing exercises and cold showers.

I tried the cold shower that everyone writes about.

It wasn’t for me.

I added the Wim Hof Breathing Exercise before I took the cold shower and it blew me away.

It is meditative, relaxing, stimulating and forces you into the uncomfortable on a daily basis early in the morning.

16. Think.

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This is all too rare nowadays.

People don’t sit back and actually think.

Think why you are doing what you are doing. Think why you are saying what you are saying.

Think critically about the information you are being exposed to. Think about your body. Think about your habits. Think!

17. Attention diets.

For decades there has been talk about and industries built to help with your physical diet.

What about attention diets?

Where are you focusing your mental energies?

What content are you consuming?

What conversations are you having?

Put down the phone every once and a while.

Turn off social media. Don’t binge Netflix before sleep. Be mindful of your attention diet.

18. Stop profusely apologizing.

  • Do you make a shit ton of money?
  • Do you write about topics that make you vulnerable?
  • Do you think about controversial topics?

Stop apologizing for your own success and way of operation. Obviously this isn’t an invitation to bully. Far from it. You are you, that’s great. Be the unrelenting you.

19. Do something productive everyday.

Write a blog post.

Engage in a hobby.

Find a skill that helps you provide value to the world around you.

Go learn something. Go to a bookstore and find a section you are interested in. When you identify that, explore it and build something.

20. Be okay with making a mistake.

When you make a mistake, you unveil the opportunity to correct the wrong.

When you sit on the sidelines and play it safe, you don’t allow your self to grow. Be brave and be okay with making mistakes.

21. Build somewhat of a financial nest egg.

When you are constantly worried about finances, you are going to put a lot of mental energy to stress.

When you are able to keep the thoughts of rent, food purchasing, bills etc at bay, you can open up your mind to more compelling and growth-minded ideas.

22. Laugh at it all.

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The world is absurd.

Laugh at it every once and a while.

We all want “it all.”

Whether that is financial gain, relationship goals, notoriety etc we need to laugh at ourselves and take a step back.

23. Create, write down, manage and work towards your goal.

If you cannot create a destination, you won’t know where to start.

Of course you may have to pivot here and there and change the destination, you won’t know unless you start the journey. Create a HUGE goal and then figure out how to get there.

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